Thursday, September 5, 2013

Nutritional Yeast

Even if you haven't gone hard core and traded your southern girl menu that includes cheese in every recipe for a vegan menu like me, you will still find many valuable uses for adding nutritional yeast to your pantry.

What is Nutritional Yeast?

Nutritional yeast is a nutty, white cheddary tasting, flavorful and flaky dehydrated yeast that is loaded with complex B vitamins, protein and fiber.

What does it go with?

Nutritional yeast is great on popcorn and baked potatoes. (Especially when drizzled with olive oil and sea salt!)

It will add a nutty, cheesy flavor to tofu used in making a vegan "ricotta," to pasta sauces.

Where do I buy it?

I purchase nutritional yeast in the bulk buying containers at the grocery store (where you scoop and weigh your own). I have also seen it in cans in the organic section and on Amazon.

My family lurvvvs these recipes:

Stuffed Shells

Parmesan substitute, used on baked potatoes, pasta, chili, and popcorn.


Monday, June 24, 2013

A Recipe Rundown

The more my family eats "close to the ground" as we like to call it, the more our taste buds adapt. About two weeks into eating a mostly plant based diet, it felt like we were just using the same few ingredients and changing up the presentation. It started to seem bland, but we stuck it out. About a month into our new way of eating, our taste buds drastically changed. The flavors of every. single. spice and vegetable began to explode in our mouths.

We noticed that canned goods tasted extremely salty. One day I made taco soup from canned veggies thinking it was all natural and healthy for my family - it had been a favorite for years. My husband took one bite, looked up and said "Did you put salt in this?" I hadn't. Even our children noticed the saltiness in canned goods, at restaurants.

With the help of some who have gone before us and been gracious enough to post yummy recipes online, we are learning to season with real herbs and spices, no chemically laced products nor table salt.

If you want to try plant based eating, it's worth sticking it out. Give it at least a month and see if you don't feel better. See if you don't notice an explosion of flavor when you start consuming more real food instead of food-like-products. There's no better time to start than now, while gardens are in full bloom!

Here's a rundown of some recent recipes we've tried that we have truly enjoyed:

Wild Rice Tacos, Engine 2 Diet

Creamy Alfredo Sauce, Engine 2 Diet

Sweet Potato Lasagna, Engine 2 Diet

Baked Banana Wontons with Coconut Caramel Sauce, Oh My Veggies

Pad Thai, Savory Sweet Life  (This one is my favorite Pad Thai at home!)