Monday, December 20, 2010

Another Thrifty Transformation

Times are tight as the hubs looks for another j.o.b. In the meantime, we're trying to make end's meat and sadly decided to forego the wonderful-fill-the-whole-house-up-with-the-smell-of-Christmas-live-tree. When I pulled this bargain bin artificial tree out of the attic and opened the box, I nearly cried. It's puny and pitiful. I think even Charlie Brown's tree was better.

So, here's the 'before' shot of the pitiful tree with the star frowning:

Here's a trick I learned a few years ago at my brother in law's Christmas wedding watching the florist at work. I simply walked out to the back yard, clipped some cedar branches as my daughter gathered pine needle bundles that had fallen and brought them in to stuff into the bare spots. A few minutes and ornaments later and wallah:

A not so pathetic tree!

[the minus-one arm] nutcracker [whose missing arm is floating around in a toy bin somewhere] in the artificial greenery that I also jazzed up with some pine

I kept it simple, and while it may not be catalog worthy, it made our home cozy and warm and ready to welcome Christmas into our needy souls.

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